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Into Temptation
Kathryn Smith
ISBN: 0060008121
January 2003
Historical Romance

On the trail of his sister, who's done a disappearing act, Julian Rexley, Earl Wolfram, is livid to find her in the company of one Lady Aberley, the woman who tried to trap him into marriage years earlier. Not having seen her for several years and having no wish to, Julian is not deterred from his desire to stay clear of Lady Aberley. If it's the last thing he does he'll remove his sister from her influence and it's his every intention of finding Letitia a suitable husband whether she wants one or not.

Letitia, Julian's sister, has her own plans though. Her heart's been captured by another, unknown to Julian, and by whatever means she has to use she'll marry only the man she loves. If it requires that she enlist Lady Aberleys help to do just that, she will. And her plan includes bringing Sophia to London with her, when her brother comes to fetch her, or she won't return out all. Julian refuses until he comes across Sophia being harassed by her brother-in-law. Not wishing to leave her in an unwanted, dangerous situation, he issues an invitation to Sophia to return to London with them in the hopes that she'll be able to persuade Letitia to make a match by the end of the season. What he doesn't expect is old feelings to resurface and to revisit the past, where he finds out things weren't exactly as they seemed and that the love he and Sophia shared years ago is anything but dead.

Ms. Smith once again gives readers a dazzling, emotional story filled with enchanting characters that have to dig through an emotional past to find the happy-ever-after on the other side. One thing you can always rely on with Ms. Smith's heroines, they're always strong, stubborn and passionate, as is Sophia, while Julian tries to be hard but turns out to be everything but. Put the two together and you get sparks that continue to ignite from beginning to end. Another delightful, passionate adventure that Kathryn is becoming famous for. This is one author that is a must for your auto buy list. Kathryn will enchant you and have you coming back for more!

Barb Hoeter, April 2003

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