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The Truth About Cassandra
Laurie Brown
ISBN: 0821774379
January 2003
Historical Romance

THE TRUTH ABOUT CASSANDRA takes the reader on a WILD adventure. The action is nonstop and highly amusing. Be ready to chuckle aloud at some of the situations Cassandra gets herself into. Both times Cassandra visits the brothel are funny and imaginative.

Anne Weathersby would not have chosen to be a spinster but circumstances dictated otherwise. With her parents deceased, it was up to her to support her ungrateful siblings by penning romance novels under the pen name Cassandra. Her publisher rejected her latest novel, the one she had counted on to finance her sixteen year old sister, Letty's season in London, because he wanted a realistic description of a gaming hall. Anne's fertile brain hatched an impossible scheme. Lord Marsfield introduced Anne, dressed as Lord Decklesmoor, to the happenings in a brothel, horse buying, gaming halls and the trappings of a man's world.

Lord Marsfield had a mission to complete. Someone had an illegal money-making scheme and all evidence pointed to Robert Weathersby. Introducing Lord Decklesmoor to manly pursuits would provide Lord Marsfield with an excellent cover story while he investigated.

Anne wrote her memories and the information that she gained from Lord Marsfield and by mistake it landed in her publisher's hands. It became a huge success with the ton. Lord Marsfield was furious when he was targeted as the main character in the book written by Cassandra.

Ms. Brown's THE TRUTH ABOUT CASSANDRA is a novel that will go on the keeper shelf. I enjoyed the situations Ms. Brown put her main character in. I also enjoyed the fact that Lord Marsfield's friends figured out that Lord Decklesmoor was female but were willing to go along with the joke to pull one over on him. I found myself grinning in amusement at the antics of Anne. Ms. Brown's descriptions of the brothel rooms are wonderful. I hope Ms. Brown continues to write clever, witty novels that amuse the reader.

Dawn Myers, March 2003

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