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Reality Check
ISBN: 0804120005
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

Liz Pemberley is a copywriter for a major New York City advertising agency, and a woman with extraordinary bad luck with men. Along with her two roommates, Liz becomes one of seven women and seven men who compete for the million-dollar prize by revealing their unlucky dating history on live national TV on “Bad Date.” Jack Rafferty considers himself a magnet for “toxic bachelorettes.” In NYC on business, he decides to audition for the dating show. And finds himself extremely attracted to Liz. The “no canoodling” phrase of the show contract, distance, and past relationships all stand in the way of their future. Only time will tell if any of the obstacles can be overcome.

The first person narrative from Liz’s exclusive point of view is a unique way to tell a romance. Leslie Carroll’s storytelling ability and wit make this story work. It is at times funny, witty, and sexy. Liz’s roommates each add to the story, with their own quirks and foibles. The downside to a first person point of view is that the reader only knows the hero from what he says and from his actions. At the same time, it allows the reader to experience the heroine’s reactions to the developing relationship right along with her. REALITY CHECK is a thoroughly modern and entertaining way to spend the afternoon.

Lea Moyer, December 2002

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