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All I Want Is Forever
Lynn Emery
Harper Torch
ISBN: 0060089288
November 2002
Contemporary Romance

Talia Marchand was a respected Washington, D.C. political consultant. She had worked hard to forget her awful past. No one in Washington, D.C. knew that her real mother was an inmate in The Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. Nothing could make her go back to her hometown of Rougon, Louisiana. Nothing except Mama Rose's heart attack. Talia loved Mama Rose, her foster mother, more than anyone.

Derrick Guillory had been a young hellion who had many close calls with the law. Now he was an investigator for the Pointe Coupee Parish District Attorney. He had also been Talia Marchand's best friend and first love when they were growing up. Derrick had a couple of secrets. First, he had helped Talia's mother, Monette, cover up a murder when he was a teenager. His other secret was that he was still in love with Talia.

Talia Marchand had rushed to Mama Rose's side as soon as she heard about her heart attack. Talia knew that going home to Rougon, Louisiana would bring up issues from her past and she would finally have the deal with them. The biggest issue she would have to face would be the feelings she had for Derrick Guillory. She would also have to get reacquainted with the brother she had not acknowledged in years.

Talia had spent years running from her past only to have it slap her fully in the face. Monette, her real mother, was up for parole and some very powerful men did not want her paroled. As the past unfolds, so do long silent secrets. Secrets that could get some of them killed.

Lynn Emery has written an entertaining novel. It is a great story about typical Louisiana politics. ALL I WANT IS FOREVER held my interest from the very first page. Having lived in Louisiana, the use of Louisiana surnames, such as Broussard, Marchand, and Guillory made the story come alive for me. Ms. Emery's descriptions of New Orleans and Baton Rouge brought back memories. I look forward to reading more novels by Lynn Emery.

Dawn Myers, January 2003

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