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Shades of Midnight
Linda Fallon
ISBN: 082177431X
January 2003
Paranormal Romance

Every night at 10:15pm, Viola Stamper made mad, passionate love with her husband, Allistar. And, every night at 11:45pm, Viola came down the stairs where she was brutally murdered by a knife to her back.

Eve Abernathy bought an ordinary house, in an ordinary town, with the hopes of finding an ordinary husband to live an ordinary life. Trouble is her house isn't ordinary at all. Every night Eve hears her ghosts replay the last night of their lives, and with each time, the sounds become more distinct and the shapes become more detailed. Eve can only think of one person who could come and get the ghosts out of her house. Unfortunately, he is the same person who left her standing at the altar two years ago.

Lucien Thorpe found himself standing on his ex-fiancée's front step with hope that she might take him back. He has a tendency to forget things like his coat or his wedding day... As a scientist who specializes in studies of the spiritual world, he finds himself caught up trying to help ghosts cross over to the other side. Time tends to get away from him. He didn't regret anything in his life, except missing his wedding day. Right now, Eve needs him, and he's going to do anything to help her.

Her ghosts need him, too. Stories and rumors all point back to Allistar. Was it a murder/suicide, like everyone believes? Until Eve and Lucien can figure out what really happened thirty years ago on Halloween night, Viola and Allistar will continue to die violently every night. As Eve grows more attached to the people her ghosts used to be, their deaths become more painful to watch. As Eve finds herself more and more attached to her home's early owners, Lucien becomes more aware of her needs.

Ms. Fallon brings a whole new point of view in solving this outstanding murder mystery! There were so many times that I went back and forth trying to figure out who killed them. I found it a little hard to forgive Lucien for forgetting his wedding day, though. Who could blame her being angry with him? The bonding that the two share while getting to know the history of the Stamper's was inevitable. Teasing and taunting each other, even accidentally, makes the reader want them to be together, despite his one indefensible mistake. For those of you with a natural curiosity of the spiritual world, and a nurturing love story, this book is for you. Eve and Lucien are really sweet together, with a deep understanding, and an undeniable thirst for an extraordinary lifestyle.

Jennifer C. Ebmeyer, March 2003

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