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Looking for Lacey
Linda Francis Lee
ISBN: 0804119961
April 2003
Contemporary Romance

Lacey Wright has not always used her best judgement in her life, but she is determined to make up for past mistakes. When she lands in El Paso, Texas, she hopes to stop running and make a home for herself and her teenage daughter. Unfortunately for Lacey, her new job as bar manager and the apartment above come equipped with a professional football player named Bobby Mac. He has returned to his hometown and his bar to recuperate from a knee injury and subsequent surgery. At thirty-five, Bobby is struggling with the very real possibility that this may be the end of his career. Despite getting along as well as cats and dogs, Bobby and Lacey find themselves very attracted to one another. Can they stop running from the past long enough to forge a future?

Linda Francis Lee's second contemporary novel is a winner! Strong characters propel the story forward, including Lacey's daughter Robin and her boyfriend Kyle. Bobby acts exactly like a man in his position would act, including his language and sense of humor. Like most men, he is slow to realize the value of the woman right under his nose. Lacey is a woman determined to make the most of her life and set a good example for her impressionable daughter. Their relationship takes a realistic one step back for every two steps forward. The blooming first love of Robin and Kyle is a charming contrast to the adult tango. Filled with exceptional characters and flowing narrative, this is a story not to be missed.

Lea Moyer, April 2003

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