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Over His Dead Body
Leslie Glass
ISBN: 0345447964
March 2003
Romantic Suspense

Cassandra Sales is getting tired of her humdrum existence. To many she seems to lead the perfect life; plenty of money, a husband of twenty-six years, two grown gorgeous children, a beautiful home that she nurtures and is proud of. But it’s all become humdrum, and she begins to think the culprit is her age. Fifty something, and starting to feel it, and show it, she realizes she and her husband, Mitch, has lost their zest and love life. So Cassandra decides to do something about it.

It all starts with a face-lift. Cassandra has decided the perfect answer is to recapture some of her youthful beauty, and have it all done and over with before her husband returns from his current trip abroad. She’s horrified when she sees herself after the plastic surgery, and thinks she’ll never recover. Her husband, Mitch, coming home early from a trip, is so horrified on seeing her after the surgery, and seeing her sporting the satin pajamas he’s bought his mistress, he keels right over, and land in a coma.

While Mitch is in a coma, the IRS begins an investigation into his business, forcing Cassie to have to take a look at what her husband has been up to. What she finds out is that her husband has been very busy indeed—busy swindling money away from her, and creating a new life for himself and his mistress. Cassie quickly learns the husband she thought she knew has been leading a VERY busy life, and she’s out for revenge.

OVER HIS DEAD BODY is a hilarious, wonderful suspense book with just the right touch of romance thrown in to make it perfect. Cassie’s kids will make you wince and feel sympathy, and you can relate too much of what she’s going through with her doubts about her age and appearance. Ms. Glass has penned a humorous tale that you won’t want to miss!

Melissa Bradley, February 2003

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