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The Warrior Bride
Lois Greiman
ISBN: 0060092181
November 2002
Historical Romance

Lachlan MacGowan was determined to find Hunter, the warrior who had saved his life by warding off his enemies and carrying him to Evermyst. While he had thanked the man, Lachlan was the "Rogue Fox" and he resented someone else fighting his battles. Lachlan was now on a mission to find out more about this mighty warrior. He tracked Hunter until he caught the warrior bathing by a stream. He was shocked to see that the mighty, elusive, mysterious Hunter had BREASTS! They were very nice breasts he noticed.

Hunter could not believe Lachlan MacGowan had caught her unaware and unclothed. She had no time to answer Lachlan's questions and satisfy his curiosity. She was on a quest to find what the evil was that was coming to Evermyst. She had been warned and she had to protect Evermyst.

Lachlan attached himself to Hunter like a blood-sucking leech. He would not leave until he figured out why this beautiful, magnificent woman was more comfortable being a man. Hunter was convinced that she was the same as a man. She had lived most of her life disguised as one. She continued to convince Lachlan that she was just like him. Lachlan interpreted that to mean that Hunter was also attracted to women. Hunter misunderstood Lachlan and thought he was attracted to men. This misunderstanding led to many fun-filled chapters. Lachlan also had a mission. He had to figure out who the mysterious Rhona really was and how she figured into Hunter's life. Neither Lachlan nor Hunter would reveal secrets to the others. The answers to both their quests led them back to Evermyst.

Three words sum up THE WARRIOR BRIDE- Amusing, Entertaining, SEXY! THE WARRIOR BRIDE is a book that will keep you up late night to finish. The sexual tension mounts chapter after chapter until it comes to a satisfying conclusion. Lois Greiman has written a wonderful series, Lucky for us, the readers, she has two more Highland Rogues in the MacGowan Clan.

Dawn Myers, January 2003

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