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Heat of the Moment
Lori Herter
Harlequin Blaze #70
ISBN: 0373790740
January 2003
Category Romance

HEAT OF THE MOMENT is Lori Herter's first novel for the Harlequin Blaze Series. It is scheduled to be out in January 2003. Lori Herter has combined sexual tension, romance, and a touch of suspense in her novel.

Josie Gray was an intelligent young woman with a science degree. She was more comfortable researching methods of retrofitting structures to withstand earthquakes than dating. Josie, nearly thirty, decided after one disastrous try at sex that it was not worth the effort. Having caught her employer, Martin Lansdowne, hacking into his competitor's computer, Josie quit her job. She could not help but wonder if Martin Lansdowne is responsible for his competitor's crippling accident.

Peter Brennan, a thirty-four year old Irishman, was the driving force behind his small Frameworks Systems Company. Railing gave way on one of Peter's test structures and he fell thirty feet to the pavement. He broke multiple bones and ended up in a wheelchair. Peter has a secret. He kept quiet about how well he has recovered until he can figure out who sabotaged the site and wants him dead. Could it have been his competition, Martin Lansdowne?

Josie's sense of ethics sends her to Peter Brennan's front door. After explaining to Peter that she has quit Earthwaves because her boss hacked into his computer system, Josie is astonished when Peter offers her a job. Peter's reasons are two-fold. First, he can keep an eye on Josie and see if she is a spy or if the company she worked for had anything to do with his accident. Secondly, he is attracted to her and he cannot help but wonder what it would be like to awaken her to her sexual potential. Between them, maybe they can figure out who would like to kill Peter and why.

Lori Herter does a masterful job of weaving romance and mystery. Her scenes of Josie's sexual awakening are beautifully written. They are full of sexual tension yet tender. It was refreshing to read about main characters who were not "perfect" but had flaws. I think this is just the first "Blaze" that will be written by Lori Herter. I enjoyed this novel. It needs to be put on your TBB list. TBB is To Be Bought!

Dawn Myers, December 2002

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