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Wicked and Willing
Leslie Kelly
Harlequin Temptation #916
ISBN: 0373691165
February 2003
Category Romance

One minute Venus Messina is bartender at her foster uncles bar, trying to make ends meet while she looks for a full-time jobóthe next minute, sheís $5,000 richer and on a plane headed to Atlanta, slated to meet her could-be grandfather! A man comes into the bar and informs Venus that he is certain that she is Max Longottiís granddaughter and that heíll pay her to at least visit the older man. Venus isnít sure she believes that the man sheís going to meet in Atlanta could be her grandfather; she isnít even sure she wants him to be. But she needs the money right now, and she figures it canít hurt to check it out. But as soon as she gets there, she meets Troy Langtree, turning this trip into so much more than Venus had bargained for. Troy is everything Venus doesnít want in a man: A tie wearing, paper pushing, desk job type guy. Wild and unpredictable, Venus has nothing in common with Troy. But the fact that Troy is unbelievably gorgeous and intriguing stops Venus from putting a stop to things immediately. As Venus gets to know Troy, she comes to realize that he isnít the boring business man she had first taken him for; Troy Langtree is an incredibly sexy, bad boy in his own right, making Venus even more attracted to him. But the question is, can Venus go back home when her time is up, and leave Troy behind forever?

Troy Langtree is instantly attracted to Venus from the first moment he sees her. After his last relationship ended badly, Troy wasnít sure he could even be interested in another woman in the near future. One look at the sexy, alluring Venus and Troy is more than ready to change his mind. While he is a little suspicious of Venusís motives concerning Max, he isnít about to let Venus go. Venus challenges Troy in ways no other woman has and he canít wait to see where all this leads.

Once again Leslie Kelly delivers in WICKED AND WILLING. I loved both Venus and Troy from two of Ms. Kellyís previous novels and couldnít imagine that she could bring these two together. Venus is a modern woman, wild with an attitude and while Troy seemed to be a sexy hero, he seemed to be more on the sedate side in the previous story. Ms. Kelly was really able to develop Troy into a realistic hero with many layers, making him a perfect match for Venus. I loved the way the two challenged and baited one another, which led to some amazing sensual encounters. Venus is a very open, interesting and engaging heroine and I enjoyed getting to know her better. Pairing her up with Troy was the perfect thing to do and I loved watching their relationship progress from undeniable lust to meaningful love.

Leslie Kelly never fails to entertain! I loved WICKED AND WILLING and I most definitely recommend that if you havenít read a Leslie Kelly romance that you run out and pick this one up immediately! This is the first book in a three book series written by other Harlequin Temptation authors and if this story is any indication, this is going to end up being another thrilling series penned by the talented Temptation authors. So be sure to pick up WICKED AND WILLING, and any of Ms. Kellyís other books, sit back, and get ready to be thoroughly entertained from the first page to the last!

Carla Hosom, January 2003

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