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Welcome to Love Bug's March Romance Trivia!
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February's Trivia Answers and Winners!

Hello again everyone. Valentine’s Day is all over and done with now. I hope you all had a great one! This month, we have shamrocks and leprechauns to look forward to. I hope you don’t party too much and always remember to have a designated driver if you do. Of course, once the partying is over and done with, make sure you take time to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. What better to relax than with a good romance. I hope you all have fun with this month’s trivia.

Thank you to all of the authors that have contributed prizes for this month! Three prizes are up for grabs. All books are autographed unless otherwise stated.

First prize includes:

The Parting Glass by Emilie Richards (hardcover unautographed)
A Necessary Bride by Debra Mullins
Knight on the Texas Plains by Linda Broday

Second prize includes:

For Better for Worse by Carole Matthews (Trade Paperback)
Ritual of Proof by Dara Joy (unautographed)

Third Prize includes:

The MacGowan Betrothal by Lois Greiman
Always in My Heart by Catherine Anderson (unautographed)

Good luck!,

loveName the books featuring these characters by these authors. And it's not always the most recent!

    1)   Day Daniels and Lian Firebird in ______________ by Kathleen Nance.
    2)   Mary Brown Callahan and George Drumond in ____________ by Pamela Britton.
    3)   Emily Winters and Jack Devon in ______________ by Nicole Burnham.
    4)   Bethany Harwood and Christian English in _____________ by Heather Cullman.
    5)   Luna Clark and Joe Winston in ______________ by Lori Foster.


Unscramble these authors and match them to the books (published or upcoming):

    3)   NWDA KTSNIA

    5)   Fade To Red
    6)   Pillow Talk
    7)   Natural Blonde Instincts
    8)   A Perfect Life?

Match the author to the publisher.

    1)   Mia Zachary
    2)   Julia London
    3)   Leslie Kelly
    4)   Debra Mullins

    5)   Harlequin Temptation
    6)   Harlequin Blaze
    7)   Avon
    8)   Bantam


A few questions to stump you?

1)    Which Romance and Friends author‘s first book was conceived in her eighth grade English Class?
2)    Which Romance and Friends author is temporarily living, working and writing at McMurdo Station, Antartica
3)    Which Romance and Friends author has a Masters at Law in Taxation degree?

Don't forget - along with your answers, send your full name and email to by March 30th. Any entries that do not have a name will not be accepted. The winners and the answers will be posted right here around the first of the month and all winners must be confirmed by email to win. *G*

NOTE: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, PLEASE. Names and emails are not shared with outside organizations but kept strictly confidential. Winners will be notified by email.

February Winners and Answers!

First Place Winner: Elizabeth Erickson

Second Place Winner: Rashmi Srinivas

Third Place Winner: Kim Westgaard

Name the books featuring these characters by these authors:

1)  Georgia Kennedy and Cooper Barnes in Becoming Georgia by Emily Carmichael.
2)  Catherine Wellesley and Dominic Pryce in What Goes Around by Alexandra Carew.
3)  Matthew Granite and Kate Drake in The Twilight Before Christmas by Christine Feehan.
4)  Sarah Pendergrass and Jacob Mitchell in Shadow of the Sun by Tammy Hilz.
5)  Lavendar Hart and Nicholas Wright in Someone Like Him by Karen Kendall.

Unscramble the authors and match them to the books:

1)  Nancy Warren and 6) Drive Me Crazy.
2)  Debra Mullins and 7) Three Nights...
3)  Thea Devine and 5) Beyond Desire
4)  Susan Mallery and 8) The Seductive One

Match the anthology with the authors, published or not yet publised:

1)  Reading Between the Lines 8) Thompson, Kelly
2)  The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown 6) Quinn, Hawkins, Ryan and Enoch
3)  Midnight Pleasures 7) Ashley, Kenyon, Shayne, Thompson
4)  Stroke of Midnight 5) Alexander, Denton, Warren

Final questions to stump you?

1)  Which Romance and Friends author also writes Romantic Comedy and Chick Lit as Stephanie Rowe? Stephie Davis
2)  Which Romance and Friends author spent several years practicing commercial law? Dorien Kelly
3)  Which Romance and Friends author used to own a jewelry store? Lauren Royal

RF would like to thank the following authors for so generously giving and participating in our trivia contest. Authors interested in contributing prizes please contact Barb

  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Carrie Alexander
  • Leanne Banks
  • Elizabeth Boyle
  • Patti Berg
  • Linda Castillo
  • Liz Carlyle
  • Millie Criswell
  • Jamie Denton
  • Janelle Denison
  • Alice Duncan
  • Colleen Faulkner
  • Lori Foster
  • Delores Fossen
  • Gaelen Foley
  • Amy J. Fetzer
  • Christine Feehan
  • Roz Denny Fox
  • Kathy Carmichael
  • Rachel Gibson
  • Gloria Gay
  • Candice Hern
  • Emma Holly
  • Metsy Hingle
  • Karen Hawkins
  • Denise Hampton
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Candace Irvin
  • Samantha James
  • Bronwyn Jameson
  • Julie Kenner
  • Leslie Kelly
  • Julie Kistler
  • Julia London
  • May McGoldrick
  • Malia Martin
  • Cathy Maxwell
  • Cindi Myers
  • Carla Neggers
  • Joanne Pence
  • Julia Quinn
  • Christie Ridgway
  • Christine Rimmer
  • Karen Robards
  • Joanne Rock
  • Charlene Sands
  • Maggie Shayne
  • Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Christina Skye
  • Amanda Stevens
  • Barbara Dawson Smith
  • Tina St. John
  • Dani Sinclair
  • Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • RaeAnne Thayne
  • Anne Marie Winston
  • Nancy Warren
  • Rebecca York
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