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Safe Harbor
Luanne Rice
ISBN: 0553583956
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

As the result of the death of her sister, Lily, and her bother-in-law are in a mysterious boating accident, Dana Underhill inherited her two nieces. Dana was an artist who lived in France and she was determined to move Quinn and Allie back to France with her. Quinn had a totally different idea. She had heard her parents arguing the night of their accident. She was afraid their accident was NOT an accident.

Sam Trevor was a marine biologist. Years ago when he had been a child, Dana Underhill had saved his life. Sam had never forgotten Dana or her sister. Dana had an art showing while she was home and Sam attended to get reacquainted with her. Soon he was helping Quinn solve the mystery of her parent's deaths.

Dana Underhill was not anxious to take another chance on a man, especially a younger one. She had been heartbroken when she discovered her last boyfriend's unfaithfulness. Now Sam Trevor claimed he had been in love with her for years. He volunteered to help her work through the major problems with her niece, Quinn. Together Sam and Dana overcome Dana's doubts and solve the mystery of her sister's death. Dana found a safe harbor in Sam's arms and unwavering love. Quinn and Allie found a safe harbor in their Aunt Dana.

Luanne Rice's SAFE HARBOR has something for everyone. It deals with death, love, mystery and complex relationships. "Safe Harbor" is something everyone is looking for. It was a perfect title for the book. SAFE HARBOR is a very good book.

Dawn Myers, January 2003

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