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Getting Her Man
Michele Albert
ISBN: 0380820552
October 2002
Contemporary Romance

Private Investigator Diana Belmaine has a new case that has an old feel to it. She has been hired by the wealthy philanthropist Steven Carmichael to find an Egyptian artifact that has been stolen from his private collection.

It does not take Diana long to center her investigation on Dr. Jack Austin, who has recently been named one of People Magazine’s sexiest bachelors. Dr. Austin has many charms to which Diana finds herself having to resist. As Diana finds herself falling for Dr. Austin she has to remind herself that he is a “bad guy”, and what happened to her the last time she fell for the bad guy.

As the story unwinds the reader is led through an interesting chase of sorting the “good guys” from the “bad guys”. Both Diana and Jack find that working with others is sometimes quite helpful, and not the impediment they thought it was.

If you prefer your stories with a lot of “heat” then this book is probably not for you. While the few love scenes were in my opinion steamy, there were very few of them, and they didn’t happen until very close to the end of the book. I also think that as you approach the climax of this book it will be more enjoyable if you read it in one sitting, instead of having to split it up.

GETTING HER MAN is the first book I’ve read by Michele Albert, and I look forward to reading another.

Sandi Shilhanek, December 2002

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