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Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish
Melynda Beth Skinner
Zebra Regency
ISBN: 0821774190
February 2003
Historical Romance

Melynda Beth Skinner's LORD LOGIC AND THE WEDDING WISH has a new approach to the opposites attract theme. The characters are delightful and both very strong willed. Lord Logic lived up to his nickname all through the novel. Artemis was a totally free spirit who could not tame her spirit to suit Orion. Ms. Skinner created a new gypsy element in the society of London.

Orion Chase, Earl of Lindenshire had spent considerable time, money and effort to hide his scientific endeavors and perfect his marksmanship and fencing. He had worked hard to be accepted as part of the ton. He had even taken off the glasses, which he desperately needed to be fashionable. Nothing would make him lose the standing he had worked so hard to attain.

Sixteen years earlier Artemis Rose was driven from her own home because of her gypsy blood. She spent those sixteen years traveling with a gypsy caravan learning to read signs, palms and tea leaves. Then she turned up on Orion's front door. While he would have wished her well and on her way, his mother insisted on helping her.

Artemis was spotted in Orion's home by a member of the ton. Immediately she was labeled Orion's mistress. The only way to save the situation was for Orion and Artemis to pretend to be engaged. Artemis was delighted. She had read the signs and knew the engagement and marriage would be real. Orion discounted all her gypsy beliefs. He is astonished when members of the ton began to ask Artemis to read signs for them.

Artemis's gypsy background was a major part of the book. While I liked the story, I wanted the read actual readings Artemis did for the ton. It would have been interesting to have an actual palm reading scene in detail rather than just stating Artemis read someone's palm. I felt there was a lot the author could have done with this area. I do, however, look forward to reading more novels by Ms. Skinner.

Dawn Myers, March 2003

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