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Behind The Mask
Metsy Hingle
ISBN: 1551669269
December 2002
Romantic Suspense

Michael Sullivan can't turn down the job when he's offered one MILLION dollars to find the runaway wife of millionaire Adam Webster. He picks and chooses his jobs as a bounty hunter/PI/detective, and even though he's pretty choosey, money DOES talk, and in this instance he has to listen. He feels like there must definitely be more to the story than Adam is giving him, but when he shows him a picture of the son that his spoiled wife has run away with, it clinches it for Michael. He's got a soft spot for kids, and since he's chosen to help with the finances of his old partner's widow and her children, he finds the money too big a lure to let go. He could set Pete's kids up for life with this money. And if she's just a spoiled rich woman on the run from her hubby, where could the harm be?

Elisabeth Webster, going now by Lily, had been living in a cocoon. Adam Webster had always been there for her, from the time of her mother's death on, and when he'd asked Lily to marry him, she thought it was the right thing to do. And she was thrilled when she had his child, Timmy. Only it didn't take her long to realize that Adam saw Timmy as a threat to his relationship with Lily, and resented the love and time she gave him. She'd had suspicions before, but when she blatantly catches Adam trying to kill Timmy, she takes the first opportunity she can find and runs. And she's still on the run. Adam has almost caught her several times, but since she's been in New Orleans with one of her grandmother's old friends, she's almost beginning to feel safe. But she still shies away from any kind of attraction with men, never knowing when it could be a set up. But Michael is different, and he treats Timmy so wonderful, she can't help but be attracted. Little does she know it's the beginning of the end.

Michael quickly realizes that Lily is not the spoiled socialite he'd been led to believe, and that she not only loves her son completely, she's a wonderful mother. But it's too late.he's already started to get the ball rolling by calling Adam Webster. So now he has to convince the woman he's falling in love with that even though he betrayed her, she should trust him with her and her son's life.

Metsy Hingle has written an incredibly gripping tale of an emotionally abused woman, and her harrowing fight to escape. Lily puts her child before everything, her own life included, to which all us mother's can relate. She's willingly shucked the 'perfect' life to be on the run, just to make sure her son is allowed to grow up with love. Ms. Hingle does a wonderful job showing us Lily's vulnerabilities, while making her strong enough we can respect and like her. And Michael has been through some harrowing times and scrapes himself, resulting in scars that he's struggling to deny. But they can't be denied when he begins to fall for Lily and Timmy, and both hero and heroine find themselves facing some hard truths. A wonderful read, set during the New Orleans Mardi Gras, this book comes to life from the very first page. Although we know whom the villain is from the get go, we're kept on the edge of our seats waiting for what's going to happen next, and wondering how Michael can back pedal his way out of this. This is another wonderful, not to be missed book by Metsy Hingle!

Melissa Bradley, November 2002

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