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Moonlight Becomes Her
Meagan McKinney
ISBN: 0821770500
December 2002
Historical Romance

Lady Moonlight is a jewel thief. Her prey: The upper echelon of New York Society and their social leader, Mrs. Astor. The newspapers romanticize her and claim she is "as ethereal as a moonbeam" and "as elusive as a jungle cat". No one knows when or where she will strike next. What no one knows is that Lady Moonlight is actually one of their own, a young New Orleans debutante who lives up to her name, Mystere Rillieux. Everything is going according to plan until Mystere runs into Rafe Belloch and finds her secret life in danger of being exposed.

Two years ago Rafe Belloch, a railroad magnate, was robbed by a masked woman and two men. They humiliated him. Not only did they take his money but they also took his clothes and left him standing in the alley in his underclothes. When he first meets Mystere he has a feeling that he has meet her before. She has the same beautiful blue forget-me-not eyes and grace of the masked woman from his past. If he is correct, he will finally be able to get his revenge for that night two years ago. In his quest for revenge he may find that he has finally met his match. Will he get revenge or will he lose his heart?

Meagan McKinney captures the look, feel, and attitude of New York society in the 1880's. While reading MOONLIGHT BECOMES HER I could almost feel that I was actually there. The heroine and hero are both very strong characters. They both have their own agendas and painful secrets that are driving them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Moonlight Becomes Her' and would recommend it to any one interested in reading historical romances with a slight mystery to them.

Teresa Riley, March 2003

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