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Red Shoes & a Diary
Mia Zachary
Harlequin Blaze #83
ISBN: 0373790872
April 2003
Category Romance

Meghan Elise Foster is on a mission. She's going to start law school soon so she decides to go to the Cayo Sueno Resort for some fun before school--but more importantly, Meghan is out to prove a point: her ex has said that she is cold and frigid and Meghan is out to prove him wrong!

Enter DEA agent Alex Worth. Going by Nick Alexander, Alex is after a money launderer and he only has a short time to close the case before he's removed from the job. When Meghan checks into his room by mistake, she leaves her diary out-a diary full of erotic fantasies that Meghan has created using the name Elise in the diary. Alex is more than intrigued by the diary after he meets the alluring, yet seemingly innocent Meghan. Alex is determined to find out who the real Meghan is. But as Meghan and "Nick" get closer and closer, Alex begins to wonder where the real danger is: in the dangerous investigation-or with Meghan?

Despite some pacing problems, RED SHOES & A DIARY is a solid, fast paced, entertaining read. The characters were engaging, the story was interesting, and the sensual parts of the story were unbelievably HOT! The diary entries at the beginning of each chapter was a unique twist that I haven't seen used in many category reads.

Mia Zachary is an up and coming new author and her debut is a delight! If you love stories filled with danger and intrigue, sparkling characters and some of the hottest encounters I've ever read, you'll love RED SHOES & A DIARY!

Carla Hosom, April 2003

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