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From Boardwalk With Love
Nina Bangs
Love Spell
ISBN: 0505525062
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

B.L.I.S.S, an international crime fighting organization, is sending newcomer, Camryn O'Brien on her first assignment. Agent 36DD, as she is now known, mission is protect Owen Sitall from financial ruin.

Not only is Owen the richest man in the world he is also the quirkiest. He has taken his obsession of a popular board game and turned it into real life. An entire island is devoted to his obsession with priceless tokens and a live community chest. Camryn's role is to thwart L.O.V.E.R.'s, the League of Violent Economic Revolutionaries, deadliest agent Zed before he can defeat Owen.

Driving a pink Cadillac, Camryn arrives on the scene. However, she is not alone. Accompanying her are three retired B.L.I.S.S agents and a secret weapon that drives her crazy.

Jace Sentori is known as the Game Master. He is a mysterious man and Camryn has no idea what kind of game he is playing. Both are wary of each other and each are trying to figure out what side the other is on. The more these two are together, the hotter it gets. The physical attraction they have for each other can't be controlled but they attempt to keep their heart out of the equation.

As circumstances began to unravel, the two depend on each other more than they are willing to admit. Both have agendas to fulfill and must do it at all costs, including putting their lives on the line.

FROM BOARDWALK WITH LOVE is a creatively styled romance. The hero and heroine are believable people in extraordinary situations. This is the first book in a new series from Dorchester, featuring beautiful ladies from a secret spy organization. Nina Bangs latest blends humor, sensuality and suspense.

Tami Sutton, December 2002

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