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Sins of the Father
Nina Bruhns
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1209
ISBN: 0373272790
March 2003
Category Romance

Eighteen years ago, FBI agent Roman Santangelo left behind a woman who has haunted his dreams ever since. He has finally tracked down RaeAnne Martin to beg for forgiveness. She wanted no part of “forgive and forget.” She could never forget him. She could help him and love him for as long as he hung around. He had issues to resolve before he could settle down in one place, with one woman. Heaven help him, he would make it work. He had eighteen years to make up for and a future to look forward to.

Nina Bruhns has created another deliciously tortured hero for her new book. Roman is a man on a mission, both personally and professionally. His actions are slow and methodical as he tames his past with the help of RaeAnne. She is a heroine with the strength to stand up to Roman every step of the way. The plot winds and twists at a breakneck pace and the ending is anything but expected. Combine this with Nina’s lushly sensual and evocative writing and the result is an SIM not to be missed.

Lea Moyer, February 2003

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