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The Prince’s Tutor
Nicole Burnham
Silhouette Romance #1640
ISBN: 0373196407
January 2003
Category Romance

Running throughout the many casinos in the small country of San Rimini in search of a wayward prince is not Amanda Hutton’s idea of fun—especially when she’s doing all the running in a bridesmaid dress! But that’s what Amanda has been instructed to do so she sets out to accomplish her task. Prince Stefano diTalora was supposed to have been at the chapel well before now, so as maid of honor, Amanda is sent to find the best man and get him to the chapel on time. Not an easy feat when the best man is the alluring and sexy Prince Stefano. When Amanda finally finds him, and they make it to the wedding on time, the two are surprised by the instant connection they feel. For reasons of their own, they each decide that they should stay away from each other and not allow their attraction to turn into anything more.

But the King, Stefano’s father, has other ideas. Amanda works with the children of dignitaries and other influential people to help them deal with the pressures of public outings and life in the public eye. Since Stefano, who at twenty-five is the youngest diTalora, has always kept away from the public whenever possible, the King decides that Amanda should “tutor” Stefano like she would any other charge. King Eduardo sweetens the deal for Amanda with a hefty salary and the promise of terrific recommendations if only she’ll say yes. Can Amanda say no to such an offer at a time when she really needs it? Can Stefano convince Amanda to leave and drop this whole tutoring nonsense? But the real question becomes: Can the two fight the building attraction between them or will they have the courage to trust in one another the love they feel?

Once again Nicole Burnham charms us with the story of a San Ramini Royal falling in love with a beautiful, intelligent American woman. Ms. Burnham creates such a wonderful story, full of witty dialogue and sparkling characters. It takes such a talented author to be able to make the story come alive and pull the reader so deeply into the story that they truly feel as if they are there observing it first hand. I felt transported there and that is how a romance book should be: the reader should be able to lose themselves completely in the story and join the characters on their journey. Ms. Burnham has a true talent to be able to accomplish this so well in only her second book.

I loved both characters immensely and I enjoyed watching their relationship progress. Both characters were deep, interesting and very realistic. Stefano is an intriguing, definitely sexy hero who has issues to deal with before he can love Amanda fully. Stemming from the early death of his mother, he’s afraid to love a woman and was anticipating an arranged, loveless marriage. Amanda also must deal with issues, such as not disappointing her family and worrying that a hereditary health problem could strike her at any moment. These fears and issues help the couple fight their attraction in the beginning, but as Amanda continues to tutor Stefano, they become closer and can no longer fight their feelings. But in order to get past the issues, they’ll have to work together and that’s never easy for two strongly independent people to do.

I loved THE PRINCE’S TUTOR! Nicole Burnham is an amazingly talented new author who is not to be missed. I also enjoyed her previous release, GOING TO THE CASTLE, which is connected to this book but both can definitely stand alone. So be sure to add BOTH books to your collection. If you’re looking for a sweet, endearing, and realistic romance book, look no further than THE PRINCE’S TUTOR and Nicole Burnham. THE PRINCE’S TUTOR is a definite keeper!

Carla Hosom, December 2002

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