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A Cradle for Caroline
Nancy Warren
Harlequin Duets #97
ISBN: 0373441630
April 2003
Category Romance

A CRADLE FOR CAROLINE is the third in author Nancy Warren's entertaining connected stories featuring rival newspapers, The Pasqualie Standard and The Pasqualie Star. The previous stories have been entertaining reads, and Ms. Warren does not let down in this third installment.

From the end of HOT OFF THE PRESS I was looking forward to the story of Caro Kushner and her publisher husband Jonathon. The story I got was not quite the one I was expecting. Caro and Jon, as she calls him have lost their way, and the marriage is now in serious trouble.

As you read you think maybe Caro is being immature, but when you stop and think how you as a real person would react if faced with the same situation you have to realize that her actions are based on her immediate hurt, and not her longtime thinking. Fortunately for Caro and Jon their friends who had taken a vow on non-interference find that they can not continue in that vow.

The road to finding the need to repair the marriage is not a smooth easy ride, but is an entertaining one for the reader. We should all be so lucky as to have friends who care for us the way Jon and Caro's friends care for them. We should also be so lucky as to have a love in our lives that can withstand severe miscommunication.

The end of the book was my very favorite part of the story, and left tears in my eyes. I look forward to more stories from Ms. Warren in the future.

Sandi Shilhanek, March 2003

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