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Broken Blossoms
Pam Crooks
ISBN: 0843951761
April 2003
Historical Romance

For years Judge Chandler has told his daughter that her mother was dead. Betrayed by her father's lies, Carleigh Chandler leaves the comforts of her pampered life behind to find the mother she has never known. However, she is soon not alone; it seems her father has hired someone to bring her back home.

Bounty hunter, Trig Mathison has orders to bring Carleigh home. He is not taking on this task for money but doing it because his father's life depends on it. Trig is an undercover agent trying to stop the opium drug trade. He also has a personal interest in it as his brother died from it.

Carleigh refuses to be taken home and tries to elude Trig at every turn. However, Trig is the best at what he does and she can't get far. Carleigh explains her plight and how important it is to see her mother. Trig also realizes that she has no knowledge of her father's devious ways. He agrees to see her to Mexico where her mother is being held.

Traveling has put them in some serious predicaments and very close living arrangements. Carleigh is beginning to see Trig in a whole new light. He explains himself to her as she does him. They build an underlying trust to one another and some very deep feelings begin to form.

No matter what her father has done, Carleigh still loves him. Trig knows that when he brings those responsible for the opium to justice, he will destroy the relationship and feelings Carleigh has for him.

From California to Mexico, Trig and Carleigh cover some rough terrain, not only on their journey but in their hearts as well. Carleigh evolves so much. Going from a sheltered life to a strong, independent woman who learns to survive life's harsh lessons. Trig is tough on the outside but inside he is honest and caring. Fast paced, action packed and a fresh storyline combine to make BROKEN BLOSSOMS a not to be missed book. Twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat while the romance between the characters steams up the pages. Pam Crooks pens another incredible read.

Tami Sutton, April 2003

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