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Wedding of the Century
Patricia McLinn
Silhouette Special Edition #1523
ISBN: 0373245238
February 2003
Category Romance

"I do". Two little words that hold a wealth of meaning when spoken during a beautiful wedding…especially when uttered loudly after the phrase “If anyone knows just cause why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony…”! Annette Trevetti is shocked when her fiancée’s ex-girlfriend walks into her wedding—his very pregnant ex-girlfriend—and proclaims Annette’s husband to be, Steve, is the father of her unborn child. It isn’t bad enough that Annette has always been next to penniless and Steven Corbett was first born son in their small town’s most prominent family—a family who found her wholly unsuitable—but now could it be possible that he’s been cheating on her as well? When Steve doesn’t defend himself, just tells Annette they’ll talk about it later like he always does, Annette has had enough. Annette leaves her ring, Steve Corbett, and the entire town of Tobias behind her, for good.

Or so she thought. It’s seven years later, and Annette’s brother Max has hurt himself in a work related injury. With no one else to help him, Annette—an accomplished business woman—heads back to Tobias to help Max with both the business and with his injury. Even though Steve Corbett had more than enough to keep him busy during the time that Annette has been gone—namely his demanding job managing the entire town of Tobias and looking after his precocious seven year old daughter, Nell—that hasn’t stopped thoughts of Annette from invading his mind at different times throughout the years. Now that Annette is back in town, Steve is determined to connect with Annette once again. But can he convince the temporary minded Annette to stay in Tobias with him and Nell, forever?

WEDDING OF THE CENTURY by Patricia McLinn is a fast paced, enjoyable, romantic read. The characters were deep and enigmatic and the storyline was fresh and interesting. I loved the interaction between the two main characters. I felt that the author was able to convey a lot of realistic emotion as Steve and Annette worked through the real reasons they hadn’t married all those years ago. Sometimes it’s easier to blame one problem and let it go at that, but these characters examined the people they were vs. the people they are now and the various roles they had expected one another to play in each others lives—a very realistic look at a couple trying to find their way back to each other. The addition of secondary characters, especially the adorable Nell, only added to an already enjoyable story.

If you like stories full of romance, humor, and sensual tension, you’ll love WEDDING OF THE CENTURY by Patricia McLinn. This is the first story I’ve read by Ms. McLinn and it has compelled me to search out her backlist as well as look forward to her future releases. Patricia McLinn is a talented author I can most definitely recommend!

Carla Hosom, January 2003

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