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Diamond In The Rough
Patricia Waddell
ISBN: 0821773259
December 2002
Historical Romance

A diamond in the rough is an uncut, unpolished diamond straight from the mine or a man who is wild and lacking luster. It takes a master diamond cutter to create a gem from an uncut diamond. It takes the love of a good woman to discover the gem in an untamed man. Accomplished writer Patricia Waddell proves this in her novel, DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.

Matthew Quinlan was a jackal for De Beers diamond mines in South Africa. He transported diamonds from the mines through the brush to Cape Town. He guarded the diamonds with his wit, marksmanship and life. If he had not owed Sidney Falk a huge debt, he would have never agreed to escort prim and proper Miss Olivia St. John to Kimberley.

Corresponding for years with her uncle has made Olivia St. John long to see South Africa where he lived. He created vivid images of South Africa that drew her like a bear to honey. She was elated when her uncle left her a boarding house in the mining town of Kimberley. All she had to do was travel with Matthew Quinlan from Cape Town to Kimberley. With each agonizing step Olivia was more and more attracted to Matthew.

Diamond Jackal Matthew Quinlan knew he was nothing like the men the prom and proper governess was used to but he was highly attracted to her anyway. He escorted Olivia to Kimberley and helped set up her boarding house. He was ready to leave town when Olivia revealed a startling discovery. Olivia was smart enough to recognize the real "diamond" when she found it. Would she ever convince Matthew?

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH by Patricia Waddell is a gem. It is an exciting book about an exciting country.

Dawn Myers, March 2003

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