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Authors wishing to submit their book for review at Romance and Friends must go through our Review Editor, Carla Hosom. Simply fill out our submission form. Romance and Friends is not responsible for any reviews that do not go through the appropriate channels.

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Release Date
Date Reviewed
Sue-Ellen Welfonder Knight In My Bed Historical 4/02 DM 6/02
Susan Wilson Cameo Lake Contemporary 7/01 MB 8/01
Karen White Falling Home Contemporary 6/02 CH 5/02
Karen White In The Shadow of the Moon Time Travel 8/00 KB 6/00
Patricia Lucas White P. S. I've Taken A Lover Contemporary 1/00 KB 6/00
Nancy Warren Breathless Category 10/02 LM 11/02
Nancy Warren Whisper Category 7/02 LM 6/02
Nancy Warren Shotgun Nanny Category 6/02 CH 5/02
Nancy Warren Live a Little! Category 12/02 SD 11/01
Nancy Warren Flashback Category 7/01 KB 7/01
Patricia Waddell The Alliance Futuristic 10/00 KB 4/00
Patricia Waddell The Lady's Proposal Historical 5/01 KB 6/01
Peggy Waide Mightier than the Sword Historical 3/01 LM 1/01
Rachel Wilson My Wild Irish Rose Historical 12/00 KB 5/00
Rebecca Winters My Private Detective Category 8/01 MB 9/01
Susan Wiggs The Mistress Historical 10/00 KB 9/00
Tina Wainscott Back In Baby's Arms Contemporary 1/01 EC 7/01
Karen Young Someone Knows Romantic Suspense 3/02 SD 6/02
Cathy Yardley The Driven Snowe Category 11/01 LM 11/01
Jan Zimlich The Shadow Prince Paranormal 9/02 LM 9/02
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