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On Thin Ice
Susan Andersen
ISBN: 082176845X
December 2002
Romantic Suspense

The glamorous life of figure skating meets the more unsightly side of drug dealing in Susan Andersen's On Thin Ice. Special Agent Mick Vinicor is uncertain about the career path he has chosen, but agrees to accept an assignment to ferret out who is dealing deadly heroin/scag. He's been led to believe that the primary suspect is Follies star, Sasha Miller.

Mick infiltrates the Follies as the new business manager, and does a very good job of managing the Follies. He does not do as good a job managing his professional detachment to Sasha. He soon finds that she truly isn't the person he was led to believe, and then allows his personal emotions to deflect from his true profession.

Sasha, in the meantime has a big problem with trust. Her former skating partner Lon Morrison is newly released from prison, and is brazenly jealous of her budding relationship with Mick. Also jealous of the Vinicor/Miller relationship is Karen Corselli one of the other principal skaters with the Follies.

As the truth of what Mick is doing with the Follies comes to light trouble begins brewing between him and Sasha. Ms. Andersen allows Special Agent Vinicor to show some real human emotion for the first time, and finally the reader sees a man who really is in love. In love to the point where he almost makes a fatal career move, but whose career is placed in that fatal position.his or Sasha's?

As the conclusion of the book comes the excitement level builds, and I was pleased with the final resolution. I didn't feel that the ending was rushed, but instead was very well written. Sasha overcame her fear, and was able to deal intelligently and trustingly with an uncomfortable situation. Lon also took a major growth step, and realized where his loyalties really should lie. Special Agent Vinicor also realized what was important in life, but was willing to walk away from it if it would make Sasha happy.

This is the second romantic suspense that I've read by Ms. Andersen. I didn't feel it had quite the chemistry between the main characters as the first, but it was a satisfying read. This book is a reissue, and as I missed it when it was "new" the first time, I'm glad to have had the chance to have read it now.

Sandi Shilhanek, March 2003

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