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Into The Night
Suzanne Brockmann
ISBN: 0804119724
December 2002
Romantic Suspense

Stepping right out of today’s headlines, Suzanne Brockman has delivered a fast-paced, page-turning romantic suspense guaranteed to keep you reading well into the wee small hours of the morning.

Joan DaCosta, a White House staffer, arrives early at a California naval base to help prepare for the arrival of the President for an award ceremony. As part of the deal, Ms. DaCosta must also contend with the impending visit of the President’s daughter who has been receiving too much bad press for her uncontrollable behaviors and try to head off any future bad publicity.

Lt. Mike Muldoon, a navy SEAL and proud of it, is assigned to be the liason on base for Joan and the impending Presidential visitors. Unbeknownst to him, it will prove to be one of his most challenging assignments as he must acknowledge his growing attraction to Ms. DaCosta while simultaneously dealing with an unexpected terrorist plot to assassinate the president during his visit.

Stir into the mix a fascinating cast of secondary characters whose lives become intricately involved with Muldoon and DaCosta and you have a novel that is hard to put down.

Although set against a background of contemporary military operations, politics and terrorism, this story first and foremost is a book about love. Ms. Brockman examines love in all its aspects: young, old, happily married, unhappily married, affairs and sordid one-night stands and does it with a seamless ease.

This reviewer highly recommends this romance and will remember the characters long after the last word was read.

Diane Burke, December 2002

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