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Sue Margolis
ISBN: 038533656X
January 2003
Contemporary Romance

What a hilarious page-turner! Rebecca Fine, a 32-year-old Londoner, is filling in as a beauty columnist while her colleague is on maternity leave. She is looking for a really great story to further her journalistic career before she has to give the column back, when she meets Max, a man who turns out to be just who she is looking for, even though he is not Jewish like she is. Imagine Rebecca’s surprise when she finds the man she’s cursed at in traffic this morning for honking, and therefore ruining her make up job, turns out to be Mr. Hottie, who she just happens to work with--Max. But as it turns out Max isn’t snotty or uppity at all—he’s just what she needs. This could cause issues for her grandmother Rose, who is forever trying to get a nice Jewish boy for Rebecca.

Rebecca is happy when her father Stan, widowed for 10 years, has met a woman he wants to marry. That is, she’s happy until she finds out it’s a former school rival that he’s taken up with—one who was nicknamed Lipstick because of all her makeup, and who just happens to be an archenemy of Rebecca's. Lipstick seems nice enough and to have changed, but can she have really? Since she moves in temporarily with Rebecca while her apartment is being redone and Stan is away for business, she'll soon have a chance to find out.

This book made for a quick, hilarious read. Between the romance with Max and Rebecca, the hot story line she has going, and helping out a friend in need, there’s never a dull moment. Sue Margolis definitely delivers another page turning, smart, sassy, fun read for all her followers out there. And for those of you that haven’t tried her, DO!

Melissa Bradley, February 2003

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