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Her Scandalous Intentions
Sari Robins
ISBN: 006050353X
December 2002
Historical Romance

Is it a coincidence or intentional that Charlotte Hastings has just drawn a sketch of James Morgan, the Duke of Girard as he has relieved a messenger of a parcel—a parcel that was destined for someone sending gold to France, to help Napoleon? Gold that was stolen from the War office while James was in charge. He is so caught up in his obsession to find out who has been stealing from him at the War office, that he sees the enemy at every turn. James can’t get around the idea that Charlotte just “happened” to be way out on a hill top away from the house. He is so suspicious that he plants the parcel in Charlotte’s room, just to see who comes to get it.  Unfortunately, he gets a bit more than he bargains for when the ruffian that comes to retrieve the parcel tries to strangle Charlotte, and he must step in to save her.  In the process he is found in Charlotte’s room by everyone in the house and ends up offering to marry her. Not that he has any intention of doing anything of the kind, but at least he can keep an eye on her for awhile.

Charlotte Hastings’s best friend, Henrietta whined until Charlotte relented and agreed to go to the Balstram’s party. Charlotte had just spent the last few years taking care of her father’s estate, and since he died she had been in mourning and had total responsibility of the estate. Actually this was just fine with her.  She enjoyed the estate dealings and since her one failed attempt at romance, she didn’t much care for the social whirl.  So, was it a coincidence or not? Yes, she was just trying to get away from as many people as possible and a long walk on sunny day to a lonely hill top was just what she was looking for.  She certainly didn’t want a confrontation with the all too handsome Duke of Girard. She also never had imagined that she would be engaged to him before leaving the Balstram’s.  She never could have imagined the method that she would be departing the Balstram's either, kidnapped and drugged.

Her Scandalous Intentions revolves around secrets. It seems every character in the book has something they don’t want to tell.  Digging through the layers of secrets is part of the fun of the book. Sari Robins doesn’t follow all the formula romance ideals, i.e.: don’t violate the virgin, or if you do, passion can’t overcome the hero, he must at all costs make love the first time in a bed. Well guess what? Her love scenes aren’t the typical and they are HOT!!!  The hero, James is a hunk and Charlotte is as willful and independent as they come, no mamby pamby hot house flower here, she’s smart, just the way we like our heroines. This is the first book for Sari and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next one.

Debbie Olson, December 2002

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