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Susan Squires
ISBN: 0843951249
February 2003
Paranormal Romance

Epona lives a quiet, solitary life alone with only her horses as companions. Being the last in a long line of women who inherit The Gift—the gift to talk to animals—Pony is feeling her destiny cave in on her. She must pass on her gift to her girl child before it’s too late—a child she has yet to have. Not wanting to be like her mother, Pony has put off the inevitable as long as possible, but the time has come and Pony must make her choice. But does her future lie with a young Saxon king, or with Val, the strong Viking warrior who stirs her heart, making her want to forget everything she’s ever known?

Susan Squires has once again created a wonderful story: colorful, vivid history sets the backdrop for a beautiful romantic story full of twists and turns. Epona is a strong heroine struggling to do the right thing, while the people around her are determined to use her to further themselves and their own ideas. Her struggles take her from a difficult past with her mother to an even harder struggle with her future, all while she tries to decide which man to be with—young Saxon King Alfred or the hard edged Viking warrior Valgar the Beast. Pony grew a lot internally on her journey to self discovery and that made her a very likeable heroine. Val is the perfect hero for Pony—a man struggling with his own inner demons, Val also grew as the story progressed.

DANELAW has so much to offer to so many readers: it’s a wonderfully written romance with a touch of the paranormal combined with a wonderful look at the history of the time. Susan Squires can always be counted on to “push the envelope” in romance and give you something you’ve never read before. The characters she creates are deep and interesting and the stories she writes are gripping and intense. If you haven’t read Ms. Squires work in the past, now is the time to take the plunge. Susan Squires can always be counted on to entertain and once again she hits the mark with DANELAW!

Carla Hosom, February 2003

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