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Fire and Ice
Tori Carrington
Harlequin Blaze #65
ISBN: 0373790694
December 2002
Category Romance

Tommy "Wild Man" Brodie is known for his prowess on the ice—and in the bedroom! Tommy has had his fair share of female companion’s, but never before has one of those companions left as lasting an impression as sexy attorney Jena McCade. Tommy and Jena shared just one night of passion together, but that night was enough to leave Tommy wanting more. Having hurt his knee recently, and unable to return to playing professional hockey—and uncertain he’ll ever play again—Tommy decides that this is the perfect time to visit Jena. He’s in need of some R&R;—and definitely some satisfaction as well! But Tommy never realizes that once he and Jena resume their “temporary” relationship that he’ll be looking to make Jena a permanent fixture in his wild life.

The last thing Jena expects is for Tommy to show up on her doorstep…but she sure is happy he did! Jena hasn’t been able to forget about their night together and now she’s excited to be able to have a little more time with the man who so occupied her thoughts of late. But soon Tommy becomes the companion Jena’s never had—or was even sure she wanted. Jena likes being alone, enjoys the brief interludes she’s had from time to time with the opposite sex. She isn’t ready to start sharing stories of her day over a dinner Tommy’s prepared for both of them, and she definitely isn’t ready to give her heart away to one man. Can Jena open her heart to Tommy and all that he had to offer before it’s too late?

Welcome to the towering inferno that is the world of Tori Carrington! Once again Tori Carrington has created a complex, engaging story that turns up the head and leaves you wanting more. The characters are amazing and the sensual moments are so hot they almost scorch the page.

I loved these characters! Tommy is everything a hero should be: he’s unbelievably sexy, he’s incredibly intelligent, he’s kind to animals, but most importantly—the man can cook and clean and organize your closet!! Need I say more? He’s exactly the kind of man Jena needs—but she’s too scared to see it. Both characters try to exert their independence at different times in the story, making you wonder if they’ll ever be together. These moments, along with other sources of conflict, propel the story right along to a very satisfying conclusion.

With two enigmatic, strong and entertaining characters, a fast paced romantic storyline, and some of the best erotic, sensual moments I’ve read, FIRE AND ICE is without a doubt a definite keeper. Tori Carrington just keeps getting better and better with each amazing story. If you haven’t read a Tori Carrington romance, it’s past time that you did. Her characters are first rate, the writing is witty and complex and the romance is HOT. So pick up FIRE AND ICE and become a part of the tantalizing world of Tori Carrington.

Carla Hosom, December 2002

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