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Going Too Far
Tori Carrington
Harlequin Blaze #73
ISBN: 0373790775
February 2003
Category Romance

Marie Bertelli is an up and coming lawyer who needs a break—a break from her overbearing, over protective Italian family! While they mean well, they just don’t see Marie as the mature, independent woman she has become. This becomes especially evident when her father runs into some legal trouble—and promptly hires sexy attorney Ian Kilborn to represent him. Marie and Ian once shared a rather brief, yet thrilling encounter and Marie begins to realize that she’d like nothing more than to start up where they left off all those years ago!

Ian is dedicated to helping Marie’s father—and he’s more than interested in helping himself to his client’s daughter as well! When Marie’s father suggests that Ian take on Marie as co-counsel, Ian is sure nothing good can come of it. He can’t very well concentrate on the case with the delectable Marie distracting him. As Marie and Ian get closer and closer, Marie starts to want more—more than Ian seems ready to give. Can Ian and Marie survive the trial—and save their love at the same time?

GOING TOO FAR by Tori Carrington is a thrilling, fast paced, entertaining read. The husband-wife writing team that makes up Tori Carrington dazzles us with a terrifically written romantic story full of the trademark sensuality they are so well known for. I enjoyed both characters immensely and loved watching them overcome obstacles to be together—Marie’s overbearing family and Ian’s cold feet when it came to committing to Marie. I applauded Marie for her strength and courage in demanding more; at the same time I wanted to smack Ian for not seeing the prize he had in her! Luckily these two were able to work through their problems, allowing for the happy ending they both deserve.

If you like a first rate romance, full of enigmatic characters and the most sinfully sensual sexual encounters you’ve ever read, you will love GOING TOO FAR. Tori Carrington can always be counted on to deliver the kind of stories readers love—and GOING TOO FAR is no exception. So be sure to pick up this book, as well as the rest of the books in the “Legal Briefs” series. You can’t go wrong with Tori Carrington!

Carla Hosom, January 2003

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