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Lady Liberty
Vicki Hinze
ISBN: 0553583522
November 2002
Romantic Suspense

Sybil Stone was classy, competent and cool. She was also the Vice President of the United States. Sybil Stone had something most politicians on Capitol Hill did not. She had character. Her only desire was to work to better the United States and push policies that helped the children on the United States.

Agent Jonathan Westford was the SDU agent assigned to Lady Liberty. Lady Liberty was the code name for Sybil Stone and it was Agent Westford's responsibility to keep her alive while she negotiated a peace agreement between the leaders of Abdan and Peris. Agent Westford, a Special Detail Unit operative, was the sharpest and most ruthless agent. Only the best agents make it to SDU and Jonathan was the best.

Negotiating a peace agreement was stressful for Vice President Sybil Stone. Even the President realized she was the only hope for peace between the leaders of Abdan and Peris. Only a disaster could stop the peace meetings. The threat of World War III was such a disaster and Sybil Stone had seventy-two hours to halt the onset of war. Handcuffed to a briefcase rigged with a bomb, Lady Liberty must make it back to Capitol Hill. Agent Jonathan Westford, reassigned to the Vice President by the President of the United States, must fight his love for Sybil even as he guarded her life.

Two terrorist groups were targeted as having the diabolical means to start World War III. Sybil soon realized her genius ex-husband, Austin Stone, was tied into the first strike missile threat. She knew that Austin would do whatever it took to destroy her career and humiliate her personally. He would risk all just to assassinate her good character.

Jonathan had been forced years ago to leave Lady Liberty's service when he fell in love with her. Now with a terrorist group trying to kill her, he risked his life repeatedly to save hers. During all the turmoil and the threat of war, Sybil realized how much she depended on Jonathan. She realized how much she had missed him when he wasn't in her service and how much she loved him.

High Praise for Vicki Hinze's LADY LIBERTY. Not only is Lady Liberty a romance but it is also a political thriller. This novel will keep you turning page after page. LADY LIBERTY is an excellent novel and I highly recommend it. I hope this novel catches the attention of a producer. It would make a great movie!

Dawn Myers, November 2002

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