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Calling All Glass Slippers
Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin Duets #89
ISBN: 037344155X
December 2002
Category Romance

Laura Ellison is used to unhappy endings. The posters that adorn her walls are all from movies or plays that have very unhappy endings. She writes her own plays the same way and she knows from experience that one doesn’t need to have a loving man in her life in order to be successful. Going by that experience, Laura has written her play Calling All Glass Slippers and entered it into a playwriting competition at her former high school. Laura wins the competition but she didn’t realize that the play was to be directed by the head of the theatre department there. And that’s a definite problem because the head of the theatre department is none other than Jared Benton. Ten years ago Jared Benton broke her heart and Laura isn’t interested in being near him again. But the show must go on and Laura and Jared begin spending too much time together, working on the play—and each other! And if that isn’t enough, it seems like they play may be causing the actors to fall in love with the people around them. But will the magic of Laura’s play be enough to bring her and her one true love together forever?

CALLING ALL GLASS SLIPPERS is the second short story in Jacqueline Diamond’s latest Harlequin Duets. This story is a sweet and charming story with wonderful characters and humorous, witty dialogue. I loved reading more about the Snoopers (which you’ll meet in the first story CINDY AND THE FELLA) and the hilarious hairstylist Bernie. I also loved the romance that developed slowly between Laura and Jared. Jared is a director and he is very dedicated and is hoping to “make it big” someday. He’s also running scared when Laura is around because he isn’t quite sure if he’s ready to make that long term commitment she deserves. Laura is having a hard time because she feels betrayed by Jared but even if she gets over that, where will their relationship go? She has to lay her feelings out on the line and let Jared go from there, never and easy task for someone who is so cynical about love.

I really enjoyed CALLING ALL GLASS SLIPPERS. The story was hilarious with its laugh out loud moments, due to a great cast of characters and a terrific storyline. This Duets book is a terrific holiday treat! Jacqueline Diamond is a master at creating humorous stories with witty dialogue, so if you love your romance light and funny, you will absolutely love both stories in this book!

Carla Hosom, December 2002

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