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The Woman Most Likely To.
Jennifer Greene
ISBN: 0380819724
October 2002
Contemporary Romance

How many of us have the opportunity for our first love to be our true love? If that's worked for you.GREAT, but for the majority of us true love does not run smooth. In Jennifer Greene's THE WOMAN MOST LIKELY TO., Susan Sinclair has returned home to her mother's cherry farm to find her life turned upside down.

As a young high school student Susan gave birth to a now grown daughter, Becca. Becca has gone to Lydia Sinclair's seeking refuge from her life, only to find that the cleaning, cooking, baking cookie grandma of her childhood has been replaced with a woman looking to find her true self after an unhappy marriage. These changes are what prompt Susan to return home.

Ms. Greene does a fine job of combining humor with some serious issues, yet does not attempt to make light of these issues. She has allowed these three Sinclair women, as they are often referred to in the book to explore what they think they want, versus what they truly wish for.

While reading the beginning of this book I wanted to laugh out loud. Towards the end of the book I wanted to cry with the women as their emotions were further explored. I found myself rooting for the happy ending for each of them, and while as a reader you're left to fully form an ending for yourself.I do feel that each of the women achieved the inner strength that they needed.

Sandi Shilhanek, November 2002

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