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As an online full-service romance site we're pleased to be able to offer advertising opportunities to publishers of romance and romance authors. It has always been our goal at Romance and Friends to bring readers and authors together by helping publishers, publicists and authors promote their work in whatever way we can. It's been our pleasure to promote the romance genre and to establish a forum where romance readers and authors can come together, express their views, interact together, and come a step step closer through their love of books. This wonderful world called the internet has allowed us to do just that.

The following promotional opportunities are available at Romance and Friends:

  • Q & A

      Are you ready to let your readers have access to you like they never have before? We're not talking a standard interview here. We're not talking the same old questions you always hear in those standard interviews. We're talking about putting yourself in the "hot seat" so to speak, as our featured Q & A author. For all those questions your readers have always wanted to know you get to answer! Let your readers get to know you better and let readers that don't know you at all get to know you for the first time. Whether it's questions about you, your books, or writing, this is your opportunity to let you readers and "new to you readers" learn a little bit more about yourself. And what makes it so much fun, everyone can participate. Are you up for it? If you'd like to participate in our Q & A contact Barb at

  • Contests

      One of the most effective ways to draw attention to an author or a book is by running a contest. Reader's love contests and we love to run them. Whether it's a large full-page contest or a smaller contest, you've come to the right place. We can tailor any contest to your needs, just let us know what you want and we'll take it from there. Authors, publishers, or publicists that wish to book a contest at Romance and Friends please contact Barb at

  • Love Bug Trivia

      This is definitely one of the funniest, most interactive, and most popular features at Romance and Friends. Reader's go on the hunt, visiting author websites, trying to dig up the answers to the questions we try to stump them with. I'm not sure how successful we are but it's a lot of fun trying. We have some great hunters out there, too! We're always in need of some good prizes to offer so if you'd like to be part of our scavenger hunt contact Barb at It's great promo! And if it's a new release we'll even feature it as a spotlight book during the month of release!

  • Goodie Room

      Our Goodie Room is now online, which was requested by none other than our readers! That would be your readers as well. That's right, readers love getting bookmarks, coverflats, pens, magnets, notepads and any other kind of goodies that authors give out for promotion. Let us help you promote yourself! Contribute to our goodie room and we'll make sure that you get around too! In a good way of course. *g* If you wish to send goodies please contact Barb at and she'll let you know where to send them! Our goodie room is only as good as you make it. Donations are very much appreciated and will be listed on our goodie page along with the contributing authors.

  • Advertising and Banners

      If you're looking for an effective way to advertise your books, banner advertising is the way to go. It's highly visable and placed in the correct locations is proven to be effective in generating sales. Target the audience you want by placing banners where they are most effective. Online Romance Sites.

      If you're interested in advertising your books at Romance and Friends, or you wish to just purchase a banner, please see our prices below. They're affordable and a great way to promote your books. Examples of some of our banners are displayed below. If you have additional questions or inquiries please contact Barb at

  • Advertising

      One month $40.00
      Two months $75.00

      Banners will be run at Romance and Friends for the purchased amount of time.

      If you wish to supply your own banner it cannot be larger than 468 x 60 and no bigger than 28k in size. If you do not have a banner we'll be happy to design one for you. Our banner prices and some examples of our banners are below. For more information contact Barb at

  • Banners

      Animated Banners $40.00
      Consisting of 3 to 4 frames
      468 x 60 and no larger than 28k

      Static Banners $25.00
      One frame
      468 x 60 and no larger than 15k

  • Publishers and authors wishing to book promotional space at Romance and Friends, by running a contest or ad banner, please contact Barb for more information.

    Utilize one of the best advertising resources, geared directly to the audience you want to target, romance readers. Reserve your promotional space today!

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