Cowboy Trouble
Harlequin American Romance
ISBN: 0373750447
October 2004
by Pamela Britton

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She doesn't believe in love at first sight, so why does she feel like this? Breathless. Excited. It's just infatuation--right?

At least that's what big-city PR wizard Lani Williams tells herself when she meets client Chase Cavenaugh: cowboy, hunk and unwilling celebrity. Unwilling? The man's downright obstinate. Dealing with a pack of frenzied tabloid reporters turns out to be the easy part of managing the ex-rodeo star's unexpected fame. A heck of a lot easier than falling in love with him.

All Chase wants is to put the past behind him and tend to his cattle. He didn't ask to become a Western music idol and he certainly didn't intend to open his heart to any more women. If only the media--and Lani--would leave him alone.

But as he beings to suspect, the media will eventually go away. Lani won't. And that might leave this cowboy into some serious trouble...of the heart.

The Bane Affair
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0758206682
October 2004
by Alison Kent

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Christian Bane is a man of few words, so when he talks, people listen. One of the Smithson Group's elite force, Christian's also the walking wounded, haunted by his past. Something about being betrayed by a woman, then left to die in a Thai prison by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT gives a guy demons. But now, Spectra has made a secret deal with a top scientist to crack a governmental encryption technology, and Christian has his orders: Pose as Spectra boss Peter Deacon. Going deep undercover as the slick womanizer will be tough for Christian. Getting cozy with the scientist's beautiful goddaughter, Natasha, to get information won't be. But the closer he gets to Natasha, the harder it gets to deceive her. She's so alluring, so trusting, so completely unexpected he suspects someone's been giving out faulty intel. If Natasha isn't the criminal he was led to believe, they're both being played for fools. Now, with Spectra closing in, Christian's best chance for survival is to confront his demons and trust the only one he can . . . Natasha . . .

Just a Hint - Clint
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0758203403
October 2004
by Lori Foster

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That's what crosses Clint Evans's mind the minute he takes on the four thugs holding heiress Julie Rose hostage. It isn't the danger - Clint's made his reputation by being reliably ruthless, a quality that keeps his wounds deeply undercover. What's got Clint in a lather is Julie herself. The pretty, petite schoolteacher he's been hired to return to her wealthy fiancé is no fainting trust-fund baby. She's a bit of a hellcat, one who won't be deterred when she sets her sights on something. And her sights are set on Clint.

The one rule Clint never breaks is this - don't get involved with the client. He can look, but he definitely cannot touch -even if it's driving him crazy. Keeping Julie safe until he can figure out who's behind her kidnapping means never letting her out of his sight. And the closer he sticks to the feisty, seductive woman who makes him feel alive...the harder it gets for him to ever consider letting her go...

Merry Christmas, Baby
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 0758208863
October 2004
by Donna Kauffman, Nancy Warren, Erin McCarthy, MaryJanice Davidson, Lucy Monroe, Susanna Carr

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Feeling naughty? Ummm, that’s so nice when you’ve got six sexy tales of romance this downright irresistible sitting under the tree. Such playfully bad boys in such passionately good stories… it’s enough to make you drop a stocking … or two…

Silent Night
ISBN: 0843954221
October 2004
by Claudia Dain

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Someone Like You
ISBN: 037377009X
October 2004
by Susan Mallery

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Sometimes even a city girl needs the comforts of home ...

Jill Strathern left town for the big city and never looked back -- until she returned home years later to run a small law practice. It turns out her childhood crush, Mac Kendrick, a burned-out LAPD cop, has also come back to sleepy Los Lobos. Even though Mac had rejected her back in high school, Jill can't deny the attraction she still feels for him.

Now Jill and Mac are tangled up in enough drama to satisfy the most jaded L.A. denizens -- Mafia dons, social workers, angry exes and one very quirky eight-year-old can make even the simplest romance complicated. And it all goes to prove that when it comes to affairs of the heart, there's no place like home.

The Billionaire's Wedding Masquerade
Silhouette Romance
ISBN: 0373197403
October 2004
by Melissa McClone

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Wanted: A strong, silent and sensible man for farm work (Billionaires and playboys need not apply)

Especially if your name is Henry Davenport and you flirted with me in the diner the other day. I am a twenty-something waitress with three siblings to raise and a farm to manage; I am done with good-looking charmers. (And no, I don't care if your smile has a tendency to make me feel warm all over!)

I'm looking for someone with a sturdy back, endless patience and a cheerful attitude. Flirtation, soft kisses, moonlit dances and other attempts to capture my heart will not be appreciated.

Interested candidates should contact Elisabeth Wheeler in care of the Berry Patch Press.

Adventures of an Ice Princess
ISBN: 0451213009
October 2004
by Liz Maverick

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When life hands you lemons...make frozen lemonade. A pampered city girl dumped by her supposed-to-be fiancé takes a job in Antarctica intending to start her life over with a clean slate. Madcap misadventures ensue.

There are few things more humiliating in a woman's life than having an engagement party thrown in her honor when the man in question hasn't proposed...

Unbecoming Behavior
ISBN: 084395406X
October 2004
by Stephanie Rowe

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It all begins with two little words: unbecoming behavior. Shannon McCormick is only one step away from being fired from her job at a snobby Boston law firm. So what if she accidentally flashed the newest, hotshot attorney? The egomaniac spent his first day slamming doors in her face, usurping her secretary, and then going home with her roommate. And it’s her behavior on trial!

Just to confirm there’s no justice in the world, her younger sister, fresh out of college and starting Harvard Medical School in the Fall, is about to become Mrs. Rich Plastic Surgeon; her mom invites her ex-boyfriend to all the wedding festivities to give Shannon one more chance at "Mr. Perfect;" and her crush for the last twenty years suddenly—now of all times!—notices her as a woman. And the only nice guy she knows—and her one true friend at the moment—she doesn’t know at all.

Jingle This! (Shop 'til Yule Drop Anthology)
ISBN: 0505526077
October 2004
by Stephanie Rowe

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Things Left to Pick Up:

A gift for Mom (Flannel nightgown? Too boring. Lingerie? Ugh!).
Amnesia so I forget what happened at the holiday party last night. A job I love, or at least one that doesn't drive me insane.
Someone else to pay off my credit card debt from holiday shopping.
A hot guy to massage my aching feet . . . and other things.
A body that actually looks good in black cocktail dresses.
The willpower not to buy any more things I don't need that are on sale and oh-so-cute . . .
The strength not to fall for the wrong guy AGAIN.

Racing Against the Clock
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 0373273959
October 2004
by Lori Wilde

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Falling in love was not an option for Dr. Tyler Fresno. Certainly not with the mysterious Jan Doe who had been rushed to his emergency room. He'd felt an instant connection to the beautiful woman and he wanted to help her. But being her knight in shining armor could put his life---and his heart---in danger.

On the brink of a scientific breakthrough, Hannah Zachary was now running on borrowed time. She had knowledge that dangerous men would kill to possess. She desperately needed to trust someone and Dr. Handsome was it. But who would protect her from Tyler, who wanted her as badly as she wanted him?

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